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Emily Weiss (born March 22, 1985) is the Founder and CEO of the cosmetics company Glossier and the blog Into the Gloss. In 2019, she was included in Time magazine's "Next 100." Glossier is a back-to-basics, digitally native beauty brand that has built a cult following, particularly among millennials. With a narrow product range of about 40 SKUs primarily focused on skincare, with color cosmetics and fragrance rounding out the line, Glossier celebrates its customers’ natural beauty, not the artificial, painted-on kind. Its tagline is, “Beauty products inspired by real life.”

Morgan Sung writes on, "Glossier's skincare line feels like it's designed by and for forest nymphs whose genetic makeup consists of morning dew and golden hour. It's not just me who's bitter about it, either. One Twitter user complained that it's "for people who wash their face with water and have picture-perfect skin."


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EDITOR (Current Employee) says

"They do not promote or hire from within, many HR policy violations yet no HR team available, they communicate poorly about clientele and foster a hostile work environment that exemplifies the ideology that the team "should be grateful it is not worse". The manager mostly hires teenagers so there is high turn over and minimal room for growth."

Offline Editor (Current Employee) says

"Management is awful and there is no room for growth. Customers grab you and yell at you and management won't let you say or do anything about it. Pay is good but everything else sucks."

Retail Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I don't think I, or my fellow co-workers enjoyed working there. There was nothing to do and you would just stand around a SMALL booth for 8 hours. Managers and other workers from other departments did not like us there because it looked like we weren't doing anything but little did they know we were the 2nd top sellers."

Showroom Editor (Current Employee) says

"Great customer service"

Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Glossier is an interesting work environment. Naturally every beauty marketer wants to work at the hottest beauty start-up and take part in disrupting this antiquated cosmetics industry, but this comes at a cost. The growing pains of the company are apparent. Leadership team has a hard time mobilizing their vision. Town halls are inspiring but the stark fizzes as soon as it ends. This frustration transforms into employee frustration. There’s a lot of cattiness and bureaucracy that I didn’t expect at such a company."

renaria says

"I’m in the US to visit my husband and I’ve been wanting to order from glossier for a long time, so I did 12 days ago, still nothing, and it keeps pushing back to pending I know Covid 19 is also a reason for delays but don’t tell the customer it takes 7 days at the max than.. I’m leaving tomorrow so too bad."

Dee Hughes says

"Like several of your other reviewers I have not got my order! I ordered the Glossier Products for my niece at the beg of December. Glossier took the money for my order immediately it was placed. But when I contacted them to find out where it was it had not even been shipped. I asked if I could pay for an Express Delivery, given it had not left the building. They refused saying it was not necessary my order would be here in time for Xmas. Apparently it got shipped the next day. Its still not here. The Glossier products order (and paid for) 18 days ago are the ONLY Xmas present which has gone missing! They are no longer responding to emails. Who is this company who take your money and then don't get their products to you!"

Anna S says

"Shipping is such a mess lately - ordered items before the end of November. On November 30, it showed FedEx was supposed to deliver it. Then shipping status changed to “Pending” followed up to seek help and was informed that it’s still within transit time and they can assure me the package is still in transit. Lo and behold, after the transit time, package is nowhere to be found. Had to follow up again... twice! Then I received an email saying my order was part of a large shipment that was sent out together with other orders. Requested for more help... Monday of this week Krystal said she processed a replacement and that I’ll get an email once it ships out. Radio silence since then. I was also told they still believe the package would get delivered because other customers are getting theirs delivered without tracking number updating. Ummmm it’s been “pending” since November 30. It’s one thing to be optimistic, and it’s an entirely different thing to just save face. Frustrating."

Ali says

"Ordered some items on November 27th to get here in time for christmas, no sign of them even though they were sent via traced mail on 1st Dec. I have emailed several times but they just say they will send another package out. Package hasn't been sent out. Still waiting and need these for christmas!! Not a good first experience..."

Lynette Nock says

"Really disappointed with all the products in the skincare edit kit. I was looking forward to receiving it after the compliments on ‘This Morning’ but in my opinion it is hype and false advertising as not one product I could give a good recommendation for. All the products are no better than cheaper alternatives. Plus took almost 2 weeks to arrive and not 5-7 days as stated. With not be buying any Glossier products in the future and given them away."

Kim Murphy says

"I ordered a couple products from a Black Friday sale. I have yet to receive a confirmation email yet they charged my bank acct. There doesn’t seem to be a phone number to speak to a live person. I sent an email a couple days ago and haven’t heard back. I’m afraid this could be a scam... beware!"

Zehra Yigit says

"I bought Sunshine Yellow Duffel Bag and it was a total diappointment. The gym bag is paper-thin. The color is definitely not like in the pics. I wanted to leave a review on their website but somehow there was an error in the reviews. Current reviews must be fake cuz the bag is far from the description. I will return it for sure, regardless of the shipping fee I had to spend. Do not buy this bag, do not trust the pics."

Elizabeth says

"I ordered the glossier cherry bomb and the glossier dusk blush paint. The glossier cherry bomb is just like chapstick and it doesn’t stay on very long so I have to carry it with me to reapply I was disappointed because I paid a lot of money for it when I could go to Walmart and get chapstick for much cheaper.
I was not impressed at all and disappointed."

Emre says

"I didn’t receive my sample or my stickers as it said i would’ve in my order. False advertisement."

Patty Cochran says

"No stars! I paid for this product a week ago. just a digital ecard not even a confirmation or an email and no gift card! Lousy"

Elizabeth Webb says

"I bought Glossier foundation and cover up because I read reviews from more senior women that it was great on wrinkles - and it is. Is doesn't sit in the creases at all. The only thing I found disappointing was the level of cover. It is very sheer so I used two layers of the foundation which was ok coverage but 6 layers under my eyes and still the dark shadows are showing quite a lot. If you only want a very light covering then this product is great but sadly for me, it's been a waste of £30. I did love the cloud paint tester I got though."

Jena Larie says

"I absolutely love the formula used for the sky wash eye shadow. It's smooth and powdery allows for easy application and virtually no mess up. That's the 3 stars alone as makeup can be challenging at times.
However, Pebble color has zero color payoff. (- 1 star) That was a total waste of money because it honestly dissolved right into the skin. I will say Valley is where it starts to actually show color in their selection. It's slightly tinted however and I have fair skin.
Also, why allow the selection of a free sample at checkout if you're not actually going to send the sample with purchase? Sort of frustrated me as samples is usually how we first judge whether to buy full-size products. (-1 star)"

Chelsea says

"Ok mixed review here.
The products are quite expensive for one thing.
I really really liked the ‘boy brow’, I will probably use it everyday.
I was disappointed in the generation lipstick, the advertisements make the colour look a little more natural than it actually does, it also has a bad taste -I would describe it as waxy.

Delivery was on time though.
Thanks glossier."

Lily Bernard says

"It would be one of my favorite brands if I could order it anywhere in Europe."

customer says

- vegan and cruelty free products.
- their products are very natural looking, it’s more about looking like you’re not wearing any makeup, which is great.
- Great mascara and Generation G lipstick.

- Quite expensive considering not the highest quality or expensive ingredients.
- No loyalty scheme, despite if you spend loads of money on their products, they will never even send you a discount code.
- Delivery is not free unless you spend £30 or more.
- Some of their products are terrible, for example highlighter and setting powder.

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